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Hooked Rugs and Pattern Information

A rug hooking pattern is a simple line drawing which we silkscreen on a backing, the most common of which is  burlap.  We carry hundreds of patterns and continue to introduce new ones.  We have many of these patterns on display on this site presented as finished pieces.  Almost all  of our customers  buy pre-printed patterns.  However some folks purchase backing (burlap, monk's cloth, linen) and draw their own patterns.  It is considerably  more challenging to do this as you then must first think up a neat design and then interpret, develop and implement  your own color plan and then try to find all the wool of the appropriate colors that you need for your project.  Most of our patterns are available individually although others are only available as part of a kit.  

The rug hooking pattern you see to the left has been printed on burlap and is one of our most popular and successfulRabbit One.jpg (55613 bytes) runrabbitpattern.jpg (21569 bytes) hooked rug designs and is called the Running Rabbit.  This design is sold as a rug hooking kit and comes with a color plan, a photograph, cut wool, rug binding and a hook which makes your part easy; you just have to hook it.  Please be advised that we silkscreen our patterns and strive for high quality at all times.  With these materials readily available you can begin the process of creating your original piece of folk art.  With a little practice and lots of patience your hand crafted hooked rug could look like this when completed.

Fine Rug Hooking Patterns
are distinguished by having more detail as the wool strips are traditionally narrower and the designs more realistic.  Many values of colors may be used to accent the shades of detail required. Fine rug hooking patterns are usually undertaken by folks who have more experience and familiarity with the technique of hooking rugs.  Click button above to see rug hooking patterns.

Penny Patterns
are unique pieces that combine several techniques to create the distinctive look you can see on the images presented.  Coins were  available and used by needle workers to trace shapes.  Can you imagine how they came up with the name Penny Rugs?  Click button above to see penny patterns.

Primitive Rug Hooking Patterns
are generally characterized by less detailed folk themes.  These hooked rugs use wider strips of rug hooking wool.  Primitives can use  tweeds and textures with great results.  The wide strips of wool allow you to complete a larger rug in a shorter period of time.   Click button above to see primitive rug hooking patterns.


Quilted Pineapple  Primitive Pattern  Pattern  #643   

Size 22.5 by 34.5 Inches $24.00 Plus Postage  İYankee Peddler 2000