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Unless indicated otherwise, each of Marie's wool swatches below are made up of three pieces of felted wool approximately 1/8 of a yard each or a total of about 3/8's of a yard priced at $16.50 for the entire three piece swatch.

Please keep in mind that we try to be as accurate as we can on these colors, however there is some variation as one goes from actual item to digital image to web site to your monitors. 

Buy some of Marie's Hand-Dyed Rug Hooking Wool Variety Paks!

Variety Paks include an assortment of hand-dyed wool mixed with textured wool that will vary in colors yet retain a similar color theme. Keep in mind that the actual colors may differ based upon your monitor.  Each Variety Pak is comprised of ten pieces of wool approximately three inches by sixteen inches.  We are offering them at $16.00 per Pak plus shipping.

Use these Variety Paks for hooking rugs, appliqué and penny rugs.  You can hook a hit and miss design by using the Red Robin, Blue Bird, Antique Black and Taupe to Grey.  Add the leftovers and you have a hit and miss assortment.  For a beginner, it is a great way to start your "stash" of dyed wool. As you know, all rug patterns seem to have small areas where you need a few loops of a treasured color and Variety Paks can help you create and craft beautiful hooked rug.

                                                                                   Some Variety Paks
  Tulips To Pansys          
     Leaves To Veins                    
    Taupe To Grey               Gold To Brown              





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