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" B E S T  W I S H E S  F O R  2015 ! "

Featuring hand-dyed woolens, original designs, rug hooking kits and patterns on burlap, monks cloth or linen.  Also for you we have a complete line of quality rug hooking supplies.  
"Providing  Quality Rug Hooking Supplies Since 1979"
"Hooked Rug Designs For Beginners and Experienced Artists!"

If you wish to contact us by E-Mail:  YankeePeddler@YankeePeddler.Com   and  please type: Peddler Marie 2015   on the subject line  (Helps to avoid spam!) , include your telephone number and we would be pleased to call you back as soon as possible. 



"Yankee Peddler Winter 2014 News Note"


Here we are at the end of another year.  Everyone I talk with has the same thoughts as I do, 

Where did this year go to?      Here are a few trivia tree facts  for the Holiday Season:

1.  The first decorated tree on record was in 16th century Germany.

2.  The Christmas tree craze began in the 1840ís in England when Queen 

Victoria ís husband Prince Albert brought over the custom from his native Germany .

3.  The first electrically lighted tree was in New York City in 1882.  

Ten years later electric tree lights began to be sold commercially.  

4.  Cutting down evergreens grown on a tree farm does not deplete our forests.  

The trees are a crop just like we plant corn, and are replaced each year.


As we come to the end of this year we here at the Yankee Peddler have much 

to be thank full for.   We still have good health which is so very important to all 

and hope you are blessed with the best of good health also.  


We really appreciate your dedication these many years as we head into 

our 36th  year of operating the Peddler.  Our most gracious thanks for your 

generous encouragement and continued support.

The very best of holiday wishes and may 2015 bring 

only goodness to each one of you and your families.








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Wish to contact us?

Order by E-Mail:   yankeepeddler@yankeepeddler.com
Please put Peddler Marie 2014 on the subject line.
Order by phone:       860.663.0526  
 If busy leave name and number and we'll return your call promptly!
Or a letter?     Yankee Peddler, 267 Route 81, Killingworth, Connecticut 06419.

However, if you wish to visit,  please call 860-663-0526 to ensure we will be available to assist you.


Wholesale Possibilities
We do offer wholesale prices to established businesses that wish to carry our fine quality kits, hand-dyed wools and other hooked rug supplies.  Please call and Marie will be happy to fill you in on the details!  Or E-Mail us at YankeePeddler@YankeePeddler.Com.


Please remember to type Peddler Marie 2014 on the subject line.
  Your customers will delight in our products and the craft of rug hooking.








Something to think about:

" one who works just with  their hands is a laborer,

 one who works just with  their hands and head is a craftsperson

 and one who works with inspiration, their hands, head and  heart is an artist."

St Francis of Assisi as interpreted by SJA


Steve & Marie Azzaro

Yankee Peddler Hooked Rugs

 Providing Quality Rug Hooking Supplies Since 1979

 "Hooked Rugs That Make You Proud!"

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