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" 2015 Summer's Acomin!  Yea!  Summer!  2015  "


Hand-dyed woolens, original designs, rug hooking kits and patterns on burlap, 

monks cloth or linen and a complete line of quality rug hooking supplies.  

"Providing  Quality Rug Hooking Supplies Since 1979"
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Here we are in the fourth month of 2015 after the warmest and snowiest winter in Connecticut since they have been keeping records and the same goes for the rest of the country.

 We are continuing our quest of not buying boxes to ship orders.  As we are in our 37th year of business that is quite a recycling record.  So keep in mind if your order arrives and you think someone sent you candy or other products it is just your order from me.  We have always lived near malls and they have tons of clean boxes to use.  It also saves you money as I don’t have to buy boxes and pass the cost along to you.

For many years customers have questioned why I don’t have a secure site on the internet with a shopping cart to place their orders.  I have always requested that you e-mail (yankeepeddler@yankeepeddler.com) me your phone number and I would be happy to call you back. 

 Well, with the recent security problems of Target and other companies you now know why.  These hackers are very smart and once they get into a system they have all your information and that has always been something I have worried about.  Now there are shops I sell to that are doing the same as I do by asking for your phone number and they will give you a call and doing away with their secured site.  The responsibility of having your information on my site and then something happening has always been too much for me to deal with.  We live in a world where too many people have too much of our information at their fingertips and I decided to deal with the situation in a different way.  Old fashioned, yes, but with a little more peace of mind.

Look for our pattern Spring Song in Dorr’s ad in Rug Hooking Spring issue.  It is a new design and our first runner design.  New kits will available soon as many in our kit line have been discontinued.

 Stash bundles are also available; half pound bundles of various colors for rug hooking or appliqué.  We are doing a lot of spot dyeing so call for what is available as we are always changing what we are dyeing.  We have one in the brown family called ground cover as we have had requests for a spot in that family.  Dyed textures are also still popular so we have some of them on hand also.  Teal continues to be a big color in either light or dark values. 

 Our new kits, Geranium Buds and Rag Rug Geraniums has an orange red that we have had a great response to from all of you.  Hopefully some of the other new kits will also be received so well.

 Thanks to you who ordered the pull out in Rug Hooking of our design,   “The Women of the Four Seasons”.  We will be coming out with a pre cut kit in a different design of the four seasons.  I have always wanted to do a four seasons and now I’ m getting it all out of my system.  The Christmas design Holiday Stroll also did very well.  It to was included in Dorr’s ad.  It is the first time in a long time that I put out a Christmas design as I use to do one very year in the past.

We are also putting out bundles of antique blacks which are a mix of everything you can think of.  You gals like a mix rather than straight black and we have sold it this way for a lot of years.  We also have grey heather for you old time hookers who like that primitive dullness which it gives when dyed over.

 Have a great spring.  I am looking forward to seeing a lot of things in my yard that have been buried for sometime in this wild winter.  



New Offerings:

Rag Rug Pin Wheel 14" Round Pre-Cut Kit, Price $62 printed on burlap, $68 on monk's cloth and $70 on linen.   Plus shipping charges.  ©Yankee Peddler 2015




Spring Song Pattern #887 11"x14"  Price $30 printed on burlap, $39 on monk's cloth and $45 on linen.   Plus shipping charges©Yankee Peddler 2015









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Please remember to type Peddler Marie 2015 on the subject line.
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Something to think about:

" one who works just with  their hands is a laborer,

 one who works just with  their hands and head is a craftsperson

 and one who works with inspiration, their hands, head and  heart is an artist."

St Francis of Assisi as interpreted by SJA


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