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" 2015 Summer's Coming!  Yea!  Summer!  2015  "


Hand-dyed woolens, original designs, rug hooking kits and patterns on burlap, 

monks cloth or linen and a complete line of quality rug hooking supplies.  

"Providing  Quality Rug Hooking Supplies Since 1979"
"Hooked Rug Designs For Beginners and Experienced Artists!"


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YANKEE PEDDLER NEWSLETTER-Summer- 2015              

   This winter was a winter to beat all winters.  The Carriage House has two floors and the printing is done upstairs.  This is the first winter since I’ve lived here  that we could not get to the outdoor stairs to get up there to prints.  We took orders and told everyone if they cared to wait we would get their patterns printed.  It was Easter and we were still dealing with snow piles.  I’ m sure you all know about Boston.  Well we didn’t have over a hundred inches here but we certainly had enough and it broke the record since 1905!!!!!!!  Being we were unable to print for so long we are getting the patterns out as quickly as possible. Since we print on silk screen the screens  need to be hosed off outside and the outside faucets were frozen for a long long time.  We really appreciated your patience and lets hope this was the first time for a winter like this and the last.
   Stash bundles are still available.  They are a half pound of wool in strips large enough for hooking and appliqué.  Each bundle is different so there is a large range of colors.

   I’ve told you in the past that burlap is still a big seller with us.  For this reason we post our pattern prices based on burlap and then thirty percent more has to be added for monks and fifty percent more for linen.  I have customers who say they will stop hooking if they can’t get burlap and I never want to see that happen.

  New patterns and new kits are coming out so please check the web site for them.  And remember our hand-dyed woolens, original designs, rug hooking kits and patterns on burlap, monks cloth or linen and a complete line of quality rug hooking supplies.



New Offerings:

Rag Rug Pin Wheel 14" Round Pre-Cut Kit, Price $62 printed on burlap, $68 on monk's cloth and $70 on linen.   Plus shipping charges.  ©Yankee Peddler 2015




Spring Song Pattern #887 11"x 41"  Price $30 printed on burlap, $39 on monk's cloth and $45 on linen.   Plus shipping charges©Yankee Peddler 2015









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Please put Peddler Marie 2015 on the subject line.
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Wholesale Possibilities
We do offer wholesale prices to established businesses that wish to carry our fine quality kits, hand-dyed wools and other hooked rug supplies.  Please call and Marie will be happy to fill you in on the details!  Or E-Mail us at YankeePeddler@YankeePeddler.Com.


Please remember to type Peddler Marie 2015 on the subject line.
  Your customers will delight in our products and the craft of rug hooking.








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