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Featuring hand-dyed wool, original designs, rug hooking kits and patterns on burlap or linen.  Also for you a complete line of quality traditional rug hooking supplies.  
"Providing  Quality Rug Hooking Supplies Since 1979"

"Hooked Rug Designs That Will Make You Proud!"

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Yankee Peddler Newsletter February 2014

Here we are in another year and the Yankee Peddler is celebrating its 35th year of my ownership.  It is hard for me to believe.

We are beginning the New Year with many changes.  A lot of the precut kits are very old.  As we are selling out of our inventory of them we are discontinuing certain ones.  We will be adding new kits so keep checking the website for the new offerings.

Our base color to dye over that we have used for many of our primitive swatches is no longer available.  We have discontinued these swatches and we are working on new colors.  Again, keep checking the website.

Many of you get Rug Hooking Magazine.  If you do you are familiar with the center free pattern and the offer of a printed pattern or a kit with wools available.  This fall we will be featured with one of our new designs.  Please look for it.

Some new patterns will be coming out and we will post them on the website as we get them out.  All of this takes time and I know you understand that from hooking your own designs.

We have red dot available for sale.  That is something we haven’t had available for a long time.

This Christmas past we offered a special and I want to thank all of you for your response.  It was available to call in customers who were checking on what was available and we sold out.

We will be having spot dyes available in a variety of colors.  Look for them also on the web.
                                  More Later.   Stay warm-----Marie

Comment For Beginning May, "Still Stay Warm!!!"


Latest New Offerings      Latest  New Offerings   

Victorian Boot   (More detail coming)  ©Yankee Peddler 2013












Mitt and Sock Kids   ©Yankee Peddler 2013

Mitt Size about 8.5 x 7.5 inches  Sock Size about 11 x 8.5 Inches

Pattern printed only on linen @ $21.00 plus shipping.


Mitt and Sock Sheep    ©Yankee Peddler 2013

Mitt Size about 8.5 x 7.5 inches  Sock Size about 11 x 8.5 Inches

Pattern printed only on linen @ $21.00 plus shipping.


















"I Love2Hook Black" Rug Hooking Pattern 12"by 8.5" $18.00 Plus Shipping ©Yankee Peddler 2013



Printed on a backing called Cotton Burlap.









"I Love2Hook Camel" Rug Hooking Pattern 12"by 8.5" $18.00 Plus Shipping ©Yankee Peddler 2013



Printed on a backing called Cotton Burlap.









"Sheep Scraps" One Ounce Dyed Pieces $6.00 Plus Shipping ©Yankee Peddler 2013













The Weeping Tree" Rug Hooking Kit Pre-Cut 10" by 15" $58.00 Plus Shipping ©Yankee Peddler 2013












"Blue Bounty" Rug Hooking Kit Pre-Cut 12"by 13" $58.00 Plus Shipping ©Yankee Peddler 2013




"The Tree of Life" Pre-Cut Kit Pattern Size  14" by 14"  At $63.00 on Burlap plus Shipping Charges.    ©Yankee Peddler 2012
















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