Rug Hooking Story

They say that Rug Hooking is as old as the Egyptians and as new as today.  I have been doing it for over 50 years and it is always new to me.  Many people have thought that it is latch hooking but what we do is far from that.  I have  been demonstrating many times and have been asked if I am using shoe strings.

We have gone from  a burlap foundation to monks cloth and linen.  The foundations have changed but what is put into the foundation has remained the same.  Our friend the fluffy wonderful sheep is  what we use.  What happens from the wool material is a story in itself.  We use a flannel weight woolen that is cut into strips and hooked into the foundation.  Dyeing wool is one of the big jobs we do here.  The use of checks, plaids, herringbones can be dyed but many times can be used  right off the bolt.  We wash all wool before using.  You don’t want the shrinkage to occur after it is hooked into your project.  There are cutting machines to use to cut the strips and they can be cut into  various widths.  The primitive style of hooking is  very popular.  It can be done with a wide cut strip and the use of textures adds to the special look.   Textures can  be overdyed and we do dye these fabrics along with things like solid white, green, etc.

The tool to use for hooking is a crochet hook inserted into a wooden handle.  The foundation is put on a frame and is held taut.  The hook is inserted from the top of the foundation and catches a piece of the cut wool which is held in your other hand underneath the foundation.  Loops  are made like ribbon  candy until the piece of wool is used up and brought to the top.  Keep in mind you are making a rug.  You keep making loops to form a pile like your commercial carpeting.  Making rugs isn’t the only item to hook.  Framed pictures, pillows etc.  lends itself to hooking.

have owned the Yankee Peddler for 43 years.  Yes, I  said 43 years.  I have enjoyed dyeing what I consider wonderful colors,  creating new designs and meeting a wonderful group of people who have supported us for these many years.

The Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme is having an exhibit of Quilts.  They are showing bed rugs along with many other styles.  The bed rug was of interest to me as we have bed rug patterns and they have been popular over a long period of time.  We have added to runner to go along with the one particular bedrug we have so that there is a companion piece to go along with the large bed rug.

No matter what you taste takes you there  is something in rug hooking for everyone.  I hope you at least try it once and join me in a long journey into this art form.

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I have been designing patterns for hooked rugs for over thirty five years. I hope you enjoy some of my original designs that I continue to introduce from time to time.

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