As many of you know we have had a line of precut kits for very long time.  We did uncut kits over twenty years ago mainly of large rugs.  We have decided to do a line of uncut kits again but this time it will be of small designs.  These are featured as, “pick-up” pieces that will be easy to hook for a beginner and also to do over the summer months. These kits will also be a nice quick kit to hook up as a present.  There will be hints in each kit as to the cuts etc. that we used for your reference.  There are so many cutters out there that I feel these are timely.  We are starting with the “Harvest Minnie” as we are introducing these  at this time of the year.  The other seasons will follow very soon.    Thank all of you for your support over these 43 years!  We would not be here without you!   You can call me at 860-663-0526

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About Peddlerlady

I have been designing patterns for hooked rugs for over thirty five years. I hope you enjoy some of my original designs that I continue to introduce from time to time.

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